Bad communication - either through ineffective translation, correspondence, verbal and / or other written communication, costs your organization money in time and loss of productivity. If you are not able to understand effectively or make yourself understood clearly, your business is paying the price in lost time, lost customers and lost revenues.

The main goal of the services Michael Reilley provides is to develop the entire range of communication skills and expertise that are so vital for today's business environment. In fact, the increasing interconnectivity of countries has reduced linguistic frontiers to a common denominator whereby English is increasingly used as the international language of economics, trade and business.

Having the power to communicate effectively and competitively in English within this environment should, therefore, be the challenge of employers and employees alike. The benefits are obvious for your communications efforts, operations and company bottom-line, whatever province, country or continent you deal with.

Our services will give you the necessary tools, techniques and suggestions for making your written English communications:
  • clear
  • concise
  • comprehensive
  • courteous
  • cohesive
  • complete and
  • culturally appropriate.
Working in small groups, with the help of case studies and written materials, you will be required to apply what you learn, while you learn in class. Active Participation, Learning and constructive FUN will be the key words for all participants in all our training and teaching modules.

Whether you need:
  • Intermediate to Advanced English writing workshops
  • Intermediate to Advanced English Second Language (ESL) training
  • French to English translation
  • proofreading services or
  • communications planning and
  • media relations
We are here to make sure your company benefits in every way possible from your association with us.

This is our commitment to you.